A message from our founder

A message from our founder

A message from Rainbow Riots’ founder Petter Wallenberg:

Happy Easter everyone!

In these difficult times due to the Corona pandemic it’s even more important that we all stay strong and positive. 

LGBT people can be hit harder by the social isolation, as we often don’t have the same family and support structures as other groups, especially in countries where it’s illegal to be gay. In Uganda 20 members of the local LGBT community were recently detained after police raided their shelter and accused them of violating coronavirus-related social distancing measures. The house has previously been targeted by the police, and human rights activists warn that hate crimes targeting homosexuals could rise amid the pandemic. 

Our hearts go out to all our LGBT brothers and sisters in Uganda and around the world. Please stay safe and stay strong. Even if the social distancing that so many of us are practicing right now is isolating, stressful, and unbearable, it’s necessary. Remember that you are not alone. 

Our LGBT community spans the globe. We’re blessed to have beautiful brothers and sisters everywhere, who have fought big battles against big challenges like AIDS, criminalization, discrimination and hatred – and still have the strength to believe in love and freedom. Keep on keeping on, dear friends! Well get through this!