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21 hours ago

Rainbow Riots
Thank you Scandinavia's biggest LGBT magazine QX:"Just the other day, the music video for We Don't Care was released, the Swedish-produced song in which Petter Wallenberg and Rainbow Riots have invited close to 50 queer voices from all corners of the world to sing for acceptance. One of the participants is Alicia Darling, who has endured a lot hate and discrimination as a transgender person in Uganda. Now she has fled the country and lives as an LGBTQ refugee in Europe.This week, Alicia reunited with Petter at Stockholm Pride for the first time since they recorded the song. QX had a few questions with her, including what it's like to grow up in a country that is considered one of the world's most dangerous for LGBTQ people."Read the interview here: ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Rainbow Riots
Sweden's biggest LGBT magazine QX wrote about our new music video which is filmed in Sweden, Uganda, India, Jamaica and USA - all in the same song and video! Pictured is a the scene that was filmed in Sweden. It shows the song's composer and the video's director, Swedish artist Petter Wallenberg, and Sweden's first LGBT gospel choir Rainbow Gospel, in front of Stockholm city hall. Today is Stockholm Pride Parade so we wish you all a very happy Pride! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳View the music video here: ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Rainbow Riots
Thank you Swedish radio Sveriges Radio P1 for a great interview! 🎉Listen here: ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Rainbow Riots
Message from our founder, Swedish artist Petter Wallenberg:My dear friend Alicia from Uganda is in Stockholm! She is one of the singers on my song “We Don’t Care” featuring queer voices from all over the world. It’s so special to launch this song together, as we last saw each other since a few years ago in Uganda. So much has changed and it’s been one hell of a journey. I have known Alicia since I first went to Uganda 7 years ago. She was a young trans woman struggling to live her life, facing threats, violence and being arrested. In Uganda it’s illegal to be LGBT and gender nonconformity can get you lynched or killed in the streets. When I arrived in Uganda, as an openly gay artist, to make music with the Ugandan LGBT community, it therefore became something bigger than music. Meeting Alicia and her friends, I witnessed the dangers LGBT people face there, and made it my mission to use my creativity and platform to tell the world, and fight for a change. It’s sometimes been dangerous. In 2016 me and Alicia were among the group of people held hostage, when Ugandan police stormed Pride Uganda armed with machine guns. I couldn't help but thinking - are we gonna die? I’ll never forget that night. That’s when decided to found my non profit organisation Rainbow Riots, to fight hatred with creativity. Alicia has been a member of Rainbow Riots since day one and we have done so many things over the years; music, performances, films and advocacy - and one of the biggest milestones was when we opened Uganda’s first LGBT community centre. Since then Alicia has escaped from Uganda. As an LGBT refugee living in Europe, life brings new challenges, but now Alicia is free to live as who she is. In Uganda she always dreamed of being able to do walk around outside doing everyday things like going to the supermarket, dressed as a woman, without fear of being killed or arrested. So the first thing we did when she arrived in Stockholm was to go to a supermarket. Between the grocery aisles, Alicia catwalked with a big smile on her face, as a reminder that freedom is in the little things people often take for granted. Happy Stockholm Pride week! 🌈🌈🌈See and hear the song and music video “We Don’t Care here: ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Rainbow Riots
”The point of Rainbow Riots is to show that homosexuality and all types of gender experimentation are illegal in as many as 70 countries. In Uganda, you can be sentenced to life imprisonment if you have sex with a person of the same sex. So that's why Petter Wallenberg has been there and recorded the song 'We Don't Care'".One of Sweden’s biggest journalists, Fredrik Strage, highlights our work, ours and our founder Petter Wallenberg’s new single, shows the music video and helps create awareness about the situation of LGBTQ people in the world on Sweden's largest commercial TV channel TV4 💕This is the whole point of why we use music as advocacy. Using pop culture to bring the fight for human rights all the way into the TV talkshow sofas! 💖💕 ... See MoreSee Less
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