Stop Uganda’s Anti Gay Bill!

Stop Uganda’s Anti Gay Bill!

A real LGBT voice from Rainbow Riots Uganda about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill:

As an LGBT person in Uganda, my voice is shielded in fear. It is already illegal to be gay in Uganda, but now life is getting even harder. We are too afraid to speak up against all the misinformation, hatred and pure ignorance. Many of us lead tormented, double lives, getting married, hiding and pretending, to fit in and survive.

The Ugandan parliament is moving forward with passing the Anti-Homosexuality-bill, which could mean death penalty for “aggravated” homosexuality and 10 years imprisonment for “promotion” of homosexuality. It includes landlords getting imprisoned simply for renting housing to LGBT people. This law is nothing but an extreme violation of our human rights. 

I say shame on the law makers. They pretend to help society, but their actions cause even more discrimination, ridicule, hatred and death. They sit there in the comfort of parliament and claim that being LGBT is a “trend” that people are recruited into for money. It’s a lie. The reality is that no one creates LGBT-people. We are born the same way they are born. These ministers might even have LGBT relatives, brothers, sisters or children. What will happen to them? 

Who will shelter us when homeowners get arrested for housing us? 

Who will report when attacks, violence or even gang rapes are committed against an LGBT person?

Who will offer legal aid when the judge and lawyer are afraid o and imprisonment?

Who will help us?

The list of questions any sane person would ask is endless. And we need answers before it’s too late. Time is soon running out for Uganda’s LGBT people.

Please support the Ugandan LGBT community in the fight against this dangerous bill. 

Together, we can work towards a world with love, dignity, and equality for all human beings.

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