Our collaboration with India’s first queer rapper!

Our collaboration with India’s first queer rapper!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of everyone’s equal right to love in India, as it’s one year ago that the law against same-sex relations was abolished. To celebrate this we launch the final release from our album Rainbow Riots India, featuring India’s first openly LGBT singers. 

The track is called “Tropical Queen” and it is a collaboration between Rainbow Riots founder, Swedish musician Petter Wallenberg and India’s first queer rapper Tropical Marca, a well known drag artist on the Mumbai club scene. It also features new Indian dance music talent Bombay Base.

A month ago Tropical Marca became the first Indian LGBT artist to headline an international Pride stage, as Petter Wallenberg invited his Indian collaborators over to Stockholm Pride, Sweden for a much publisized and lauded performance. Yet another milestone, in the ”Rainbow Riots India” project which earlier was hailed as ’India’s first Pride anthem’ by Indian media. 

Tropical Marca said: 

”The song ’Tropical Queen’ is a celebration of being who you are. Today India celebrates it’s first anniversary over the triumph over the dark days of ’Section 377 which criminalized same-sex love. I celebrate this day globally thanks to my international collaborator Petter Wallenberg and Rainbow Riots, in hope of a better tomorrow for everyone. It’s your time to be!”

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