Rave review in India!

Rave review in India!

We are so overjoyed!

Our new release, the song and video ”Love is Love” created by Rainbow Riots founder, Swedish artist Petter Wallenberg and Indian singer Sushant Divgikar just received the most amazing review ever! 

An Indian newspaper wrote that it is ”a piece of art”, ”the first if its kind ever” and ”another step toward complete freedom for the LGBTQ community.”

This is such a wonderful proof that our whole purpose of creating music as advocacy works!

Thank you Telangana Today for showing so much love. 

They wrote:

“The Pride Anthem “Love is Love” is out, and, for India, it is the first-of-its-kind track ever. India made a big stride forward with the striking down of the part of Article 377 of the Constitution that criminalises homosexuality, and this anthem is another step toward complete freedom for people of the LGBTQ community.

The actual song focuses on the theme ‘love is love’, as the name suggests, and conveys that love is the same, no matter your sexuality and that everyone needs someone to love. The video shows the parade in Mumbai and the masses of people celebrating. The anthem is the first song in the album that Wallenberg is making and is a piece of art that is filled with motion and love.”

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