Award for our founder!

Award for our founder!

We are proud to announce that out founder Petter Wallenberg is the winner of the Arco Nordica 2020 award from The International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network

The reason for the award is his work with opening the first LGBT community center in Uganda, where homosexuality is still a crime and for his work with founding the organisation Rainbow Riots

According to the jury, the award is for proving ”that solidarity, compassion and generosity are the most powerful weapons against discrimination, intolerance, homophobia, silence and invisibility”.

We feel humbled and really wanna share this award with our wonderful team of collaborators and friends in Uganda where the struggle for human rights for all continues. This is an award to all of us to remember to not give up the fight for freedom, no matter where in the world we are. One day we will all be free. 

Photo: Peter Knutson