Help us create LGBT centre in Uganda!

Help us create LGBT centre in Uganda!

In Uganda it’s illegal to be gay. LGBT people risk being arrested or becoming victims of violence. They have no safe space. Rainbow Riots want to change this. 

In 2019 we are opening Uganda’s first LGBT community centre. The centre will be a safe space to welcome the Ugandan LGBT community. With creative expression at the core of the activities, we will create inclusivity within the community whilst also reaching a wider audience through giving Ugandan LGBT people an important voice in the world.

To make this happen, Rainbow Riots needs your help. Be a part of this historic project by donating today!

Rainbow Riots’ founder Petter Wallenberg said:

“I want everyone around the world to help us fight against the horrific injustice against LGBT people in Uganda. By creating this centre we can take a stand for every human’s right to equality and love.”

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