Stop Kill The Gays-bill in Uganda!

Stop Kill The Gays-bill in Uganda!

A message to the world from Rainbow Riots Uganda:

In Uganda the situation for LGBT+ people is getting worse. In this East African country it is already illegal to be LGBT+, and now the parliament is once again discussing reintroducing the Anti homosexuality bill, commonly known as the “Kill the gays-bill”.

Consequently, Ugandan LGBT+ people are living in fear, and preparing to fight for their lives. If this bill is passed as law it could make same sex relations punishable by death. It also means no LGBT+ community activities, health access or help will be allowed. Life is already hard for this persecuted minority, who are often harassed and driven out of their homes, but it could suddenly become much, much harder..

Anti-LGBT+ rhetorics are on the rise in Uganda’s traditional and social media, in mosques and churches and on the streets. Every day LGBT+people are accused of being sinners, paedophiles, molesters, satanic and the cause of all evils in society. The rainbow flag is being branded a symbol of Satan and evil instead of peace and love. When you take away a community’s every single symbol of freedom and pride, you take away their humanity. We need to stop this.

Since 2015, Rainbow Riots have worked mobilising and helping the Ugandan LGBT+ community, through our local organisation Rainbow Riots Uganda. We will continue to work for equality and justice, so that all humans will have the right to live without fear, no matter where they live.

We need to stop the hatred and injustice and share the voices of the silenced LGBT+ people of Uganda. And to do this, we need more people to get behind Rainbow Riots.

Spread the word and make the world listen! Amplify this message and follow, support and join Rainbow Riots, so we can make a change. No human should have to live in fear because of who they are or who they love!

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